**We will be closed on July 1st and 2nd for a system upgrade.  Thank you for your understanding.** 


Important Notice: USPS facilities in Georgia are currently facing significant mail delays due to the ongoing consolidation process. Mail delivery is currently running around 3 weeks. If you requested a check and need your check sooner, consider utilizing FedEx services. We can charge your account for expedited delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during this transition.

Welcome to SHARELOOK

Sharelook provides a Simplified Online Enrollment process. You can view history based on host retention period and set up email alerts. You can even sign up for e-statements, which are sent out quarterly.

Enrolling your Account Online

If you have never viewed your account online, click the link at the bottom of the page then select the link “Enroll in online banking”. Follow the directions provided on the website to register your account number.

Bank Transfers and Wires

Unfortunately, at this time, the transfer field is not active, as we do not have the ability to transfer from one bank to another. If you need a withdrawal, we can mail you a check.

Forgotten your Security  Code

If you have forgotten your security code, please select “forgot security code/password” at the log on screen of Sharelook. A temporary security code will be sent to your email you have on file with us. This temporary password is only valid for 15 minutes.

Please do not save Sharelook website. Save our website www.aflacfcu.net. We share system issues and updates on our website and not the sharelook.


If you would like a withdrawal, have questions, or issues you can email us at aflaccu@aflac.com, call at 800-423-5228 or message us through Sharelook.

Click Here to Access Your Account Online


If you use your account number as your Login ID

and your account number is less than 6 digits, you can still log in by

adding either one or two zeros (‘0’) at the beginning of your

account number until it becomes a 6-digit number.


Example: Account number is ‘12345’, you would enter ‘012345’.

Issues Logging on?


  1. You are being asked to enter Mobile Number when first logging onto the new site? 
    Email and Phone number are mandatory fields.

  2. Can not get past the Verification Pop Up when entering the home or cell phone? 
    We need to check the default and additional email/phone number to ensure they are not the same.

  3. You have received error message "We are unable to validate your information" after typing in your login ID or security code? 
    If you're using your account number as login ID, please note this number must be 6 digits 
    you can still log in by adding either one or two zeros (‘0’) at the beginning of your account number until it becomes a 6-digit number. Example: Your account number is "12345", you would enter "012345".
  4. You have received error message "System is unavailable at this time" when setting up new permanent password?This could be due to typing a previously used password or a password that does not meet the current password requirements. The password requirements are:
          - 8-16 characters,     
         - at least 2 alphabetic characters,     
         - at least 2 numeric characters, and
         - it may contain a special character _ - ! @ $ ( ) + [ ] { } |

  5. You have not received the temporary security code email notification? 
    Please make sure your login ID is 6 digits if using account number, please refer to answer in question 3.

  6. Why am I not seeing some of my accounts on the Account Tab? 
    Under Account or add favorites you can hide/unhide accounts. If account is hidden, you will see a link at the bottom of the Account tab that says "Accounts" click the link and it will redirect you to the accounts page where you can add favorites or hide/unhide accounts.



If any of the above does not work,

please contact us so we can verify your information.

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